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Justin Simoni

Cell: 720.436.7701

Trail Runner, Hiker, Climber, Cyclist, Ultra Endurance Athlete, Writer, Public Speaker




Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design - 2001 - 2004

Major: Bachelors of Fine Arts in Painting/Drawing

Completed Projects

Tour of the Highest Hundred
Self-powered, Self-supported timed race to summit of the highest 100 Colorado peaks (known as the Centennials)
2017: 60 days, 14 hours establishing a new FKT. Completing the Centennials lists is very rarely done in one season, was only done once before using only human power and I'm currently the only person who has done it self-supported.

Everesting Green Mountain (Boulder, CO)

Non-stop, out and back hike, trailhead to summit of Green Mountain (elevation: 8,150′) 13x to commulatively gain the elevation of Mt. Everest (elevation ~29,029)

Tour 14er
Self-powered, Self-supported timed race to summit all the Colorado 14ers
2014: 34 days, 12 hours, breaking the previous record by 3 days.
I now act as the "race director" for future challengers

Colorado Trail Race
500 mile, mostly single track self-supported mountain bike race from Denver to Durango, following the Colorado Trail (using detours around Wilderness Areas)
2012: finished in 7 days

Tour Divide
2,750 mile mountain bike race from Banff, Alberta, Canada to the Mexican border, following the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route
2010: DNF near Silver City; ~100 miles from the finish (crash)
2011: finish in 23 days, first person to finish on a single speed bicycle

Selected Bibliography

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The Colorado Mountai Club
Trail and Timberline #1026, Feb 23, 2015
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pgs. 26 - 29

Bikepacker’s Magazine Profile: Justin Simoni – The Long Ranger

Going To Extremes – Westword

Cover Story
August 2012
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Selected Talks

Tour of the Highest Hundred (Watch)

March 28th, 2018
Bent Gate Mountaineering
Golden, CO

Self-Powered Peak Bagging: Going Light and Fast in Colorado's Mountains

September 24th, 2015
Neptune Mountaineering
Boulder, CO

Long Ranging the 14ers with Justin Simoni

June 10th, 2015,
Bent Gate Mountaineering
Golden, CO

Pecha Kucha Denver #9.1

Continuously Moving

Ignite Boulder #4

Traveling Sparsely and the Creative Process
Ignite Boulder

Pecha Kucha Denver #5

Artist and Tramps
Buntport Theater
717 Lipan Street, Denver, CO

Outdoor Industry Collaborations
  • Ultimate Direction Athlete Ambassador, 2014 - present
  • La Sportiva North America Content Contributor, 2017 - present
  • Surly Bikes Product Ambassador, 2017 - present
  • Honey Stinger Product Ambassador, 2017 - Present
  • Boa Product Tester, 2011 - 2017